Sunday, July 4, 2010


In the last few weeks I have been talking to several Seniors in the community, enquiring about their health, asking them how their health has been in the last few years. I've been astonished, and truthfully, quite shocked to know that out there in the community, there is a majority of seniors who are diabetic. Some of them are just entering their senior years—just turned sixty-five. Others, well into the eighties. Some are able to control their Diabetes through their diet, but many are confined to a wheelchair, or almost there. What are we doing as a country to prevent this? What can we do as a community to control this condition? What can we do as an individual?

I have decided to veer the course of my blog toward a personal goal, of what I can do as an individual to make a difference not only to myself, but to a community of readers who might be coming across my blog. I can only hope this will bring in some good communication where each can teach ways of keeping diabetes at bay. Fighting Diabetes by eating right, eating light, and eating smart. So much for sweet success!

Friday, May 22, 2009


...The Old Refrigerator and Eating for Less...

Everyone wants to believe in magic. For those of us who create the magic, we need more believers. Most times we don’t have to worry, when our kids are little, since they believe everything we tell them. But when they start getting higher than your knee, you’d better make a conscious effort to keep that magic coming or you will have a hard time convincing them…or yourself.

Which mom hasn’t said those famous words, “Look inside the fridge?” And likewise, which of you haven’t heard that retort, “I’m looking…where is it?” Well, we don’t have to elaborate on what comes after…we know. So let’s take a little trouble creating and keeping that magic inside our refrigerators.

The cost of food and vegetables is going skyrocketing high. Health tips are regurgitated in every magazine and website. And our teens, and college kids for that matter, are continuing to scramble inside the fridge looking for something to eat.

With life getting busier, and the days getting longer trying to use alternative means to travel to avoid refilling your gas tanks, it seems logical to stock more convenient and prepared food inside the fridge. Grabbing something healthy after school or college will keep the kids relaxed until you return, which is a big plus. And keeping prepared foods that contribute to the dinner menu, will help keep the crimp off your nerves.

Read on to find some useful ideas I’ve said “I do” to as I’ve walked down the isles of the grocery store. My allies are the good old clear plastic containers with lids. This way nothing is hidden from view, since this is the most common complaint, and everything is ready for consumption.


Replace the potato chips in the house with the flax tortilla chips and pita bread chips. Flax tortillas chips are delicious and healthy with plenty of omega-3 necessary to the well-being of our body. They go well with cheese, salsa, or any of the dips mentioned here.

Fresh pita bread, tortillas, and whole wheat bread in the fridge will also help our kids get accustomed to enjoying a healthy snack.


Great stuff to stock up—they open up more ideas for creative minds and open refrigerators.

Cream Cheese

Besides being a good spread on bagels and crackers, cream cheese can be used with tortillas and minced black olives as a great snack.

Tortilla Rollups

Spread whipped cream cheese on a tortilla.
Mince canned black olives.
Sprinkle on top of the cream cheese.
Add salt and pepper to taste. If you can’t resist, add hot sauce.
Roll the tortilla tightly and keep secure inside aluminum foil.
Keep in refrigerator for a couple of hours.
Remove the refrigerated tortilla from the foil ten minutes before serving.
Place the roll on a cutting board and slice in half-inch sections.
Place sections in a plastic storage for snackers.

Cucumber Sandwiches

You can thank the British for this. Cucumber sandwiches make the best snack with a cup of tea.

Stack thinly-sliced bread and remove the crust from all four sides with a sharp knife.
Spread whipped cream cheese on one face of the bread.
Wash and peel a cucumber and cut thin slices.
Place the cucumber slices on one slice of bread.
Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.
Place another slice of bread with the cheese spread facing down.
Cut the sandwich in half diagonally to create two triangles.
Cut each triangle diagonally to obtain smaller triangles.
Place triangles in a plastic storage for scroungers.